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Pet Health

Why You Need A Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

Veterinarians are the experts in dealing with pet emergency issues. However, most of us do not have the privilege of having them within our residence. For this reason, all pet owners ought to have pet first aid kits. An emergency involving your pet can occur at any time. Such emergencies need immediate attention. A pet first aid kit helps to prevent severe damage. Read more

Pet Health

Frequently Asked Dog Health Questions

Dog Health Questions

There are common questions everyone has when they are caring for their dog. Such as how long rabies vaccinations are good for or if you should keep giving your pet their medications. Get some of these questions answered by a trusted veterinarian. Read more

Pet Health

Tips On How To Find A Lost Dog

Lost Dog

When your dog is lost it’s difficult to think about anything else. To you, it’s practically the same as a missing child. This is a beloved family member and you must do everything you can to find them. Your mind is probably going wild with fears and your emotions are all over the map. Read more

Pet Health

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Pet Insurance

Clients will occasionally ask me about pet insurance. They also are generally eager to give me feedback on their insurance when they are enrolled. I would like to discuss if pet insurance is worth it and the guidelines in selecting a plan. Read more

Pet Health

Is Grain Free Dog Food Right For Your Dog?

Recently, one of the most common questions I have been receiving from my clients, is if they should feed their dogs grain free foods.  Many clients are switching to these products on their own, frequently assuming that they will fix certain problems or that they will be inherently better based on advertisements published in the popular media. Read more

Pet Health

The Benefits To Growing Up With Pets

Owning A Pet

Most of us grow up with pets just because we think they are cute and cuddly.  But there are actual healthy benefits to growing up with pets not only for adults but for kids as well.  The relationship that we build with our pets can help showcase love and improve self-esteem. Read more

Pet Health

18 Pet Questions Answered By Your Vet

Dog Nose

Everyone has questions about their pets. Now you can see the most asked pet questions answered by your veterinarian. Covering everything from pet exams, dogs scratching, cat drinking milk, and hip dysplasia.

Read more

Pet Health

Why Pet Intestinal Parasite Prevention is Important

Pet Parasites

Most pet owners are aware that our furry friends have some potential risk for picking up “worms”. We also see a few people (rightly or wrongly) attribute certain illnesses in their pets to parasites. In reality, the number of cases of illness in the dogs and cats that we see is rather low. Read more

Pet Health

The Most Misinterpreted Pet Symptoms

Dog Rolling

As a veterinarian, I am gratified to notice that our clients are very astute and are generally able to accurately tell us what is not right with their pet when they come in for a visit. In fact, we as veterinarians depend on this to do our very best diagnostic work. I think we are fortunate to have some of the smarter clients one could hope to serve. Read more

Pet Health

10 Ways To Get Rid of Your Dog’s Bad Breath

Dog Oral Exam

Cute as they may be, when your furry friend has bad breath it can make you want to keep them at arm’s length. Here we’ve put together a list of ten easy tips to help you get rid of your dog’s bad breath and keep you both tail-wagging happy.

Now, who wants a kiss? Read more