COVID-19 Update From All About Pets
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COVID-19 Announcement

Last Updated: March 24, 2020

In order to attempt to establish social distancing recommended by our health authorities.

We will need owners with an appointment to arrive in the parking lot, call in, and discuss the nature of the visit with either a technician or doctor. Then a staff member will come out and take the patient into the building for the exam or other requested service.

The doctor will then call you and discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan. Payment will ideally also be done over the phone or by a quick visit inside.

Due to a directive from the governor and the Utah department of health, veterinarians, and other health providers are not allowed to do elective surgeries at this time.

Until we are directed otherwise from the government entities, we will not be accepting appointments for spays, neuters, declaws, and most (but not all) dentals.

We still can do surgery for urgent problems.  If a given patient falls in an in-between category, a consult with the doctor will yield the plan of action.

For more information please refer to AVMA or AAHA.

Thank you for your cooperation and be safe.


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