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Mental & Physical Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

Increase Happiness

There are many reasons why people have pets.  Most people have a furry friend greet you when you come home from a hard day.  Or when you need a friend when going outdoors.  Some have their pets help them with their medical needs.  Whatever it may be there are many benefits of pets.

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Can Dogs Get A Sunburn?

Dog Sunburn

Yes! Just like you and I, dogs also do get sunburns. A dog sunburn is a common occurrence mainly in areas with little or no fur like the belly, nose, ears, paws, and mouth.

A dog with a lot of sun exposure isn’t anything to ignore since it can not only be irritating and painful. Reoccurring or untreated burns can result in an increased risk of skin cancer. Dogs that are particularly light-colored or white dogs with fair skin are at a higher risk for sunburn.

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10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Dog’s Bad Breath

Dog Oral Exam

Cute as they may be when your furry friend has bad breath it can make you want to keep them at arm’s length. You may wonder “how to get of dog’s bad breath” or “get rid of stinky dog breath”? We have put together a list of ten easy tips to help you get rid of bad dog breath and keep you both tail-wagging happy. We have everything from dental hygiene to commercial products, and DIY homemade remedies.

Now, who wants a kiss?

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Regarding the “New” Canine Respiratory Disease

Canine Respiratory Disease

In the past couple of weeks, a flurry of media reports have been presented regarding a novel respiratory infection afflicting dogs. The reports have come from a variety of areas in the US and Canada and, as of yet, no new or old pathogen has been identified. Continue reading »

Benefits of Pet Friendly Workplaces

Pet Friendly Workspace

In recent years, a new trend has been gaining momentum in workplaces worldwide and that is having a pet friendly workspace. Gone are the days of leaving furry companions at home while heading off to work. Companies are now recognizing the numerous benefits of allowing pets in the workplace. From increased employee morale, reduced stress levels, improved work-life balance, and heightened productivity. Continue reading »

The Stages of Grief: Coping With Losing A Pet

Pet Grief

You are not alone. When you lose a pet, you will probably deal with a lot of different emotions. You might feel anger and confusion, or that you have no one to turn to. Coping with losing a pet is natural, and there are ways to cope with the pain. Continue reading »

Are You Considering A Domestic Exotic Cat Breed?

Exotic Cat Breeds

People love cats. It’s because of cats that the internet has millions of gifs and videos it’s what keeps us entertained throughout the day. Social media has exposed us to a lot more different and unique exotic house cat breed images.

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10 Ways To Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Exercise Dog Indoors

Just like us, our dogs need exercise to stay healthy and to burn off energy. There might be various reasons you’re stuck inside, like a pandemic requiring quarantine, maybe you live in an apartment, or it’s the cold winter months of the year. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to get your dog outside at times. Continue reading »

How Emotional Support Animals Can Improve Your Health

Cat Emotional Support

Stress is everywhere. But many people are finding a new way to deal with all this stress—with emotional support animals. These creatures provide a wide array of health benefits, and they’re becoming more widely supported with each passing month and year. Continue reading »

Dog Vaccinations Schedule: From Puppy To Adult

Dog Vaccination Schedule

Like people, our pets need regular vaccinations and boosters to keep them healthy and to help fight off diseases and sickness. Depending on what stage of life your dog is in will determine which vaccines your pet will need. Puppies need more while they are young, as older dogs are a yearly event. Knowing which schedule your pet is on will help you determine when they need to make a visit to the veterinarian. Continue reading »