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We are here to help with any concerns you may have with your pet, you can call us at 801-375-5300.

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Work-in appointments

For some time, our available appointment slots have filled up rapidly and we are consistently booked out at least a week in advance. This is unlikely to change. We will continue to prioritize seeing our existing clients but can accommodate some new clients when possible.

We know that health issues rarely comply with a plan for a week out and sometimes patients need to be worked in for emerging problems. This does not include emergencies, such as car accidents, breathing problems, or toxic ingestion, which should be brought in as soon as possible. We typically can accommodate some “work-in” appointments every day, but it does present a challenge to both us and client.

Please review the following guidelines for a “work-in” appointment:

  1. If you want to have your pet seen for a (non emergency) problem as soon as possible, call early in the day. We typically will take “work-in ” appointments on a first come first served basis.
  2. Answer the phone immediately, if possible, if you have requested a same day work-in appointment. If we have multiple requests for one available slot, we immediately go to the next person if the first does not answer the phone.
  3. If we call you, call back, even if you missed the call. Sometimes if we can’t get you in that day, we can get you in the next day. If we don’t receive a reply from you, we will assume you got care elsewhere.
  4. We try to honor as many requests as possible but we may not get to everyone in a given day. If we are unable to get to you, and the need is not met elsewhere, please call back the next day. We try to prioritize clients who have been “in line” the longest.
  5. Patients with serious illness that we are unfortunately unable to work in should go to an emergency facility for needed care.