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Help your pet with their health, activities, and veterinarian care with our how-to articles and resources.

Are You Considering A Domestic Exotic Cat Breed?

Exotic Cat Breeds

People love cats. It’s because of cats that the internet has millions of gifs and videos it’s what keeps us entertained throughout the day. Social media has exposed us to a lot more different and unique exotic house cat breed images.

And now we all want one. Read more

Basic Commands That Every Dog Should Know

Training Tips

After bringing home your new puppy or rescuing a new friend, you will want to teach them some basic dog commands. Dogs can learn hundreds of commands and everyone wants to have the perfect dog. However, it is better to start with the basics. Teaching your dog even the basics, isn’t only beneficial for you, but it can help your dog be more comfortable around the house and other people. Read more

Ways To Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Help Your Local Animal Shelter

The best way you can help homeless pets is becoming their owner.  But sometimes this isn’t possible and you cannot adopt everyone. There are other ways that you can help your local animal shelters and rescues that doesn’t involve you becoming a pet parent.  Read more

5 Tips On How to Introduce a Puppy to a Cat

Introduce Puppy To A Cat

You’ve decided to add a new puppy to your family, congratulations!

However, you might be wondering about how to introduce your new puppy to your cat in the best way possible. There are steps you can take that can help make it quick and easy for you, your new puppy and your cat. Read more

The Best Cat Care Tips For First Time Owners

Cat Checklist

Getting a cat for the first time shouldn’t be a stressful situation, you should be excited. By going through our cat care tips you will be confident on what to expect when those little paws come home. Read more

What Can Dogs Eat And Not Eat

Human Food For Dogs

People are becoming more aware of what is in the foods that they eat and which foods have health benefits. It is just as important to know what you are feeding your pet. Read more

Boarding A Dog For The First Time

Dog Boarding

Pets are such a big part of our lives that it is important for us to provide them with the best care possible.  Finding the best boarding facility for their needs while we are away being no exception. Every pet is an individual and this takes special consideration when determining what type of facility is right for your pet. Read more

Dogs For Apartment Living

Small Dog Breed

Living in smaller quarters, like an apartment or condominium does not necessarily mean that you can only have a pet in a small cage or tank. There are many things to consider when choosing a dog to live in an apartment environment. Playtime, bathroom privileges, grooming and bathing, breed, size, and activities are all important to consider when adding a pooch to a confined living space. Read more

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds For Your Home

Standard Poodle

Everyone wants a dog, but some people and children suffer from allergies.  This can be troublesome when you try to put the two together.  Some breeds of dogs are known to be hypoallergenic, which means there are fewer risks to cause an allergic reaction. Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Service Animals

Service Dogs

Are you physically challenged and in need of help to carry out your day to day activities? Or do you know of someone who can’t get past the day without asking for favors? A service animal is any dog that is specially trained to assist individuals with disabilities (physical or mental) in their daily life. For instance, a service animal can help pull someone’s wheelchair or assist the blind with navigation. In some cases, miniature horses also qualify as service animals. Read more


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