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How To Deal With Bad Dog Behavior

Having a dog at home is the best feeling a person can have. They become a part of our lives and are attached more emotionally towards us. Keeping a dog as a pet even reduces the stress levels of a person.

But the problem with stress level is, it can rise beyond our imagination when the pet doesn’t behave properly. Having a dog is like having a baby at home, and it is a tough job to discipline them as well. Here is a list of quick tips one can follow to deal with a bad dog behavior.  Most dogs are food motivated and is recommend to reward with a treat when correcting their behavior habits.


Dog Barking

There are several reasons why a dog barks. It might be out of love or something that they want to convey. Unusual barking can get annoying for pet owners, especially when you can’t figure out the reason. So the first task for the owner is to understand why the dog is barking so much or what might have triggered the pet.

Once the owner figures out the reason, they can treat it accordingly. Some reasons why a dog would bark excessively might be due to territorial issues, protective reasons, fear, alarmed, boredom or even loneliness. Try to remove the motivation that triggers the dog barking.  If this doesn’t work you can try to desensitize the emotions. Such as having a friend stand by the fence or bring other dogs around.


Dog Biting

Dogs do bite but the intensity and reasons differ. If it is a puppy, then most probably it is a teething issue and the sensation would make them bite whatever they find in the house. But if it a full-grown dog, then there might be some concerns.

Few reasons for dog biting are possessiveness for someone, fear, pain, or maternal instincts. It is the responsibility of the owner to discipline their dogs from a young age. Moreover, one can try to take them out for jogging or exercising on a regular basis to stop the issue as it releases the anxiety of the dog.


Dog Licking

If you find your dog licking unusual things or even you excessively, then there is a reason for concern. Excessive licking is linked with anxiety and one should get their dogs checked immediately with the vet. The problems usually depend from mental or neurological issues and it doesn’t come into the eyes of the owner unless it gets out of control.

Another way to stop the behavior is to calm the dog down. They might lick because they have not seen someone for a long time, or it is a way to express their uncomfortable situation to their owners. After calming them, massage is a quick remedy to reduce their anxiety levels. You can take the help of a dog massage expert if you don’t have much idea about dog massage.


Dog Chewing

It is normal for dogs to chew what they find. If it’s a puppy then they would chew to reduce the teething sensation, and grown dogs chew to keep their jaws strong. One prominent reason for excessive chewing might be separation anxiety.

Dogs are extremely sensitive beings and leaving them alone for a long time causes mental breakdowns and usual behavior. One must make sure to train their dogs how to live alone from an early age. The owner must not shout on the dog for chewing, instead, you should deal with it calmly by taking the object away and providing the dog with a bone.


Dog Digging

Digging is another dog behavior which is normal, and it even differs with different breeds. The most common reasons to dig are because the dog might be pregnant or they want to hide something. Another reason is that dogs usually like to sleep in places which resemble a den or it might be just for entertainment.

To stop your dog from digging excessively, the owner must try to keep the pet entertained regularly. Try keeping the room cool as dogs dig because they find the soil cold. Giving them a toy would also help as it would keep them busy.


Dog Begging

A dog begging to its owners is like a child asking for candies from their parents. It is a discipline issue and owners must discipline their dogs, so that they don’t have behavioral issues in the future. It is one of the easiest problems to deal with.

Owners can follow a few tricks to solve the problem.

They must not give food to their begging dog (provided that the dog gets a proper diet). Ignore your dogs when they beg. Use discipline consistently. Be patient as this whole process takes some time.


It is an unfortunate matter that owners are forced to keep their dogs chained, caged or inside the house because they don’t stop chasing. A dog usually chases when certain triggers affect them. It might be territorial problems with other dogs, fear or social interactions.

The best method to avoid it is to take the pet out every day for exercise. Owners must make sure they spend time with the dog, exercise, interact and play. If it is something particular they are chasing, then it must be for entertainment or they become aggressive with it. Better to take that trigger away.


Dog Aggression

Aggression is of the most common behavioral problems owner complain about. It is natural for a dog to get aggressive but there will always be some reason behind it. To stop aggression problems among dogs, one has to observe what causes the particular behavior.

Most common issues are depression, territorial issues or binding. Try to give time to your dog and be kind towards them; make sure not to chain them all the time. If there is a particular thing that is triggering the issue then make sure that thing is away.

Jumping Up

Dog Jumping Up

One cannot expect a dog not to jump up on them. It is natural for them to jump when they are excited or happy to see someone. But when the pet starts jumping on everyone they see, it is mainly a disciplinary issue.

Dogs mainly jump to gain attention. It is better not to encourage them to jump on everyone since the early days. In case they don’t stop, ignoring their act is the best solution; but be patient as it might take the dog some time to understand your sign.

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