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If Dogs Were Superheroes

There are almost as many dog breeds as there are superheroes. People often look to the sky for superheroes when they need help. But the same can be said for man’s best friends.  Dogs can help people if they are in danger, help stop criminals, or assist in daily activities.

What if dogs were superheroes?

Batman – German Shepherd


Like Batman, a German Shepherd is both large and agile, that brings a powerful crime fighter along with a high-level IQ. With a high desire to help fight crime, German Shepherds have been widely used in the police and military fields. Along with being a crime fighter, the German Shepherd’s double coat can have a striking appearance.

Spider-Man – Beagle


A Beagle was not created by a spider bite, but this baby face has enough energy to run circles around any other opponent. A Beagle has a happy and fun personality that is a loyal companion.  They are often used in airports to help find weapons, drugs, and illegal items.

Superman – Border Collie


Border Collies are one of the most special dogs that have incredible speed, agility, and intelligence.  There isn’t much this breed cannot do. They are considered workaholic and will not stop until the job is done. But even with all the responsibilities they have, they will still settle down and cuddle with their loved ones.

Wonder Women – Poodle

Wonder Women

A Poodle is one of the most elegant dog breeds in the world.  Don’t be fooled by their thin figure and amazing hair. These dogs are very athletic and incredibly smart.  With their size and strength, this is a “sissy” dog that packs a punch.

Hulk – Pit Bull


A Pit Bull has the split personality of different Terrier breeds and Bulldog. Has a huge amount of power and strength that can be used with soldiers, rescue dogs, and family pets. With their intimidating personality and bad reputation, they hall have a soft center and look for love to fill it.

Iron Man – Labrador Retriever

Iron Man

Labrador Retrievers have a huge personality and are often distracted and full of energy.  They love to socialize with other dogs and people and like to show off their athleticism. They are widely used for search and rescues and assist those who need help on a daily basis.

Thor – Rottweiler


There is a certain stature that comes with being descended from a Roman legion.  The Rottweiler is a calm and confident breed with great strength. A great playmate and family protector. If there is a job to do, running or swimming, there is no limit to what this breed can do.

Captain America – Golden Retriever

Captain America

This is “America’s” dog breed.  A Golden Retriever is the number one choice for family and is everyone’s best friend.  They serious workers and are a true leader.  They are commonly used to help guide the blind, used for search and rescue, and trained for individual service dogs.

Flash – Greyhound

The Flash

Smaller in stature a Greyhound is a gentle and sweet-tempered dog that is built for speed.  These dogs are known to be the fastest breed and reach up to 45 miles per hour. When not running they are perfectly fine lounging around the house all day without any worry in the world.

Black Panther – Doberman Pinscher

Guard Dog

A sleek and powerful dog breed, a Doberman Pinscher possessing a strong physique and a high intelligence.  Commonly equipped with cropped ears that often resemble a cat, this vigilant breed is one of the best dogs for protection.  Its intimidating features will keep any intruder at bay.

Doctor Strange – Corgi

Dr Strange

A Corgi is a commonly misunderstood dog.  With having a physical disadvantage with its short legs, it finds others way to help people. Being highly trainable and affectionate, it loves to help people.  But watch them closely, with their quirky personality they have become one of the best escape artists.

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