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8 Great Places To Take Your Dog In Utah Valley

If you’re looking for a fun place to take your four-legged, furry friend this weekend, you’re in luck. Utah county has dozens of fun hikes, trails, parks, and walks to go on with your dog. Today we’ll show you eight your canine friend will be begging you to see. Grab your leashes, baggies, and chew toys, and…we’re off!

Y Trail

Y Trail

If you live anywhere in the valley, chances are you see the ‘Y’ on the mountain every single day. Well, did you know you can hike up to the ‘Y’ and the trail is totally dog friendly?!

To get to the trailhead drive 900 East in Provo to 820 North. Turn east onto 820 North and follow it, as you go it will become Oakmont Lane. Continue up that street and then turn right onto Oakcliff Drive. Turn right where Oakcliff Drive meets Terrace Drive to the trail access point.

There is no water available along the way so be sure to pack as much as you and your pet will need!

Bridal Veil Park

Bridal Veil Park

Located just ten minutes up Provo canyon (US Highway 189), Bridal Veil is a spectacular falls frequently recognized as one of America’s 100 great waterfalls. Just a short, paved trail away from the parking lot, the base of the falls is a popular hangout. You and your dog will love splashing around the natural pool at the bottom. Or, if you’re feeling brave, venture to the top of the falls for a great view of the canyon below.

Along the trail to the base of the falls you’ll find lots of open grass and picnic tables to stop and rest or play. Remember to pack extra baggies!

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail will one day stretch 280 miles from southern Idaho to Nephi. Even in its current, uncompleted state, there are lots of great stretches of this trail you can hop on and off of all over the valley. The views can be breath-taking, and the hikes can vary from long and challenging, to gentle walks.

Visit the official Bonneville Shoreline Trail website to see the routes and pick one to try today!

Nestled in the beautiful Springville Canyon is the Hobble Creek Trail. This, paved, 4.5 mile trail is sure to become your new favorite weekend spot, and, if your dog could talk, their most requested too! Following the edge of the mountains, the Hobble Creek trail offers an easy walk, great views, and a dog friendly environment that even includes doggy bag dispensers at some of the turn-offs.

The majority of the trail is shaded so don’t worry about your pooch getting over-heated (hot dog) but, as always, its best to pack in plenty of water.

Timpooneke Trail

Timpooneke Trail

East off of exit 284 and about 8 miles up American Fork Canyon you will see the Timpooneke Trail. This is the famous trail that takes you to the top of our own, superb Mount Timpanogos. Now, this trail might be a little much for some, inexperienced hikers, but you don’t need to take it to the top to enjoy amazing sites and a peaceful, well-maintained trail.

If you dare to take the whole trail be sure to bring lots of water and snacks for you and your four-legged friend. The trail is just shy of 15 miles round trip and, depending on the season, you may encounter ice or snow so plan ahead!

Nielsen’s Grove

Nielsen Grove Park

Nielsen’s Grove Park is possibly one of Orem’s best kept secret spots. A sprawling, 21 acre park featuring a reflecting pool, fountain, garden, museum, and lots of wide open space (fetch, anyone?).

Oh, and of course, dog friendly!

Located just off of Sandhill Road behind the Orem Wal-mart, Nielsen’s Grove is a close, easy-to-access, “pawsome” park you’ll want to visit again and again.

Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls

If you’re looking for a nice little hike, nothing too “ruff”, with beautiful views and a lovely destination–look no further than the Stewart Fall Trail.

The 4 mile out and back trail is easy-going and a good go-to almost any time of the year. The trail to Stewart Falls begins at the Aspen Grove trailhead in Provo Canyon near Sundance. The trail is particularly alluring in the fall when the leaves are changing. Year-round your pooch is sure to find lots of fetch sticks and enjoy the wide open spaces this trail has to offer.

Payson Grotto Trail

Grotto Falls

What’s not to love about a short, easy, puppy-friendly, trail that leads to a splendid natural wonder carved out of the mountian by a raging waterfall? Well that’s exactly what you get on the Payson Grotto Trail and, you guessed it, it’s totally dog friendly.

The entire hike should only take about 45 minutes but plan some extra time to explore around the grotto while your dog splashes and plays in the natural pool at the bottom. To get to the trailhead get off I-15 at Payson Exit 254, turn south onto Payson Main Street. Continue south until Main Street intersects 100 North. Turn left and travel east to 600 East, then turn right, and follow this road south to the entrance to Payson Canyon. The trailhead is marked about 7 miles up the road.

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