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How Much Is Dog Grooming?

You know the feeling, the dog needs a bath and a good brush.  

With our busy lives it’s hard to keep up on your dog’s grooming. Even though it feels like a chore, it’s not only good for their appearance but it’s also great for their health. Scheduling a dog grooming appointment can be overwhelming, there are a lot of different services that you can choose from. 

But which ones do you really need? 

Let’s go through to see what is the right choice for your dog. 

Pet Grooming Health Benefits

Dog Grooming Benefits

You should groom your pet on a regular basis. Doing it at home or by a professional, this helps cut back on hairballs, tangles in their fur, and promotes better hygiene. A quick wash can help fight off infections and other harmful parasites that your pet may pick up on their adventures. 

A simple brushing of your dog can remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff that collects. By doing this it brings out the natural oils in their fur to make it shinny. If you have pets that come into your home, giving them a weekly brush can help cut down on allergies and the amount of fur that is collected around your home. 

Dog Grooming Pricing

Dog Grooming Prices

Pricing for dog grooming can vary on the service, extra features, and what type of breeds they are handling. Smaller breeds like a Chihuahua or Pomeranian would be easier and less time consuming than a large breed Great Dane. 

The temperament of your dog can also affect your price. If your dog is towards the aggressive side, or has unpredictable anxiety, there is a safety concern. Having the groomer take extra safety precautions can add to the bill. 

What Included in Dog Grooming? 

Most grooming full service will cost between $40 – $75. This service is a bare necessity that your dog should have on a regular basis. 

  • Full Wash with Shampoo 
  • Ears Cleaned 
  • Blow-Dry
  • Brush Out 

Recommend Upgrades 

There are some extras or upgrades that you can get for your dog at an additional charge.  

  • Nails Trimmed ($15) 
  • External Anal Gland Expression ($10) 
  • Teeth Brushing ($15) 
  • Furminator Treatment ($15) 
  • Face, feet, and sanitary hair cut ($10) 

Dog Spa Treatments 

When our pets become one of the family, sometimes it’s nice to spoil them. There are spa like treatments that are available at select locations, that can give your pet the royal treatment. 

  • Medicated Shampoos ($10) 
  • Oatmeal Shampoo ($10) 
  • Luxury Conditioner ($10) 
  • Blueberry Facial ($8) 
  • Nail Polish ($8) 
  • Breath Refresh ($15) 

Local Dog Grooming

Do you want to get your cat or dog groomed? We have over 35 combined years of experience and our full services includes extra at no addental cost:

Best In The State
  • Bath with Shampoo 
  • Full Brush 
  • Nail Trim 
  • Ear Pluck 
  • External Anal Gland Expression 
  • A Colorful Ribbon  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Dog Spa

How often do you get your dog groomed? 

Depending on the breed of the dog and the type of hair. It is recommended to be done once a month. If you have a dog that needs a haircut, like a Labradoodle, typically 4 – 6 weeks. 

How long does it grooming take? 

It best to schedule you day when you can drop off your dog in the morning and are not in a rush to pick them up. It’s best to plan on leaving them for 3-4 hours. 

What should I look for in a groomer? 

Find a pet groomer that has a lot of experience. This way they know how to handle any type or size of dog. You can check for any awards or certifications for the individual or their establishment. 

How much should I tip of dog groomer? 

It is customary to tip a dog groomer. The general rule of thumb is 15 to 20 percent of the service total. This should be based on your experience and the quality of work. 

Do dogs feel better after being brushed? 

Giving your dog a bath and a brush definitely helps them feel better. This can help with their internal temperature and improved the oils in their fur. 

Do puppies need grooming? 

When they are under 12 weeks old a simple brush at home will be fine. Once they between 12 – 16 weeks old you can start taking them to the vet. This will acclimate them at an early age for grooming appointments. Make sure they have had all their shots before taking them in. 

Should I cut my dogs nails? 

Even though cutting your dog nails could be intimidating, it is something that should be done. A dog with long nails could cause pain and make them more susceptible to injury. Having your dog groomer do this while your dog is bath. 

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