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Pet Health

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10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Dog’s Bad Breath

Dog Oral Exam

Cute as they may be when your furry friend has bad breath it can make you want to keep them at arm’s length. You may wonder “how to get of dog’s bad breath” or “get rid of stinky dog breath”? We have put together a list of ten easy tips to help you get rid of bad dog breath and keep you both tail-wagging happy. We have everything from dental hygiene to commercial products, and DIY homemade remedies.

Now, who wants a kiss?

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10 Ways To Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Exercise Dog Indoors

Just like us, our dogs need exercise to stay healthy and to burn off energy. There might be various reasons you’re stuck inside, like a pandemic requiring quarantine, maybe you live in an apartment, or it’s the cold winter months of the year. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to get your dog outside at times. Read more

Dog Vaccinations Schedule: From Puppy To Adult

Dog Vaccination Schedule

Like people, our pets need regular vaccinations and boosters to keep them healthy and to help fight off diseases and sickness. Depending on what stage of life your dog is in will determine which vaccines your pet will need. Puppies need more while they are young, as older dogs are a yearly event. Knowing which schedule your pet is on will help you determine when they need to make a visit to the veterinarian. Read more

40 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed A Lot


If you have ever wanted a dog but are worried about allergies and their fur everywhere in your house, there are certain breeds that can minimize some of these risks. These dog breeds below have been known to have a low amount of dander to their hair and in most cases will not shed throughout the house. Read more

The Top 13 Dog Health Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Dog Health Problems

No matter how well we treat our dogs as they get older they will start to have some health problems. It is important to keep an eye out for some of the most common problems and get treatment sooner rather than later.

Knowing some of the most common problems will help diagnosis the situation and help you be more prepared.

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How Much Is Dog Grooming?

Dog Grooming Prices

You know the feeling, the dog needs a bath and a good brush.  

With our busy lives it’s hard to keep up on your dog’s grooming. Even though it feels like a chore, it’s not only good for their appearance but it’s also great for their health. Scheduling a dog grooming appointment can be overwhelming, there are a lot of different services that you can choose from.  Read more

Dog Sunburns Complete Guide: Everything You Should Know

Dog Sunburn

Can a dog get sunburned?

Yes! Just like you and I, dogs also do get sunburns. Dogs sunburn is a particularly common occurrence in dogs mainly in specific areas that have little or no fur like the belly, nose, around the ears, paws, and mouth. Read more

Happy Cat Health Check

Cat Playing

A healthy cat is a happy cat.

Your cat’s health doesn’t just stop at their physical appearance and agility.  It’s also important to make sure they are being actively challenged to maintain their mental health.  Getting their regular checkups and vaccination can ensure that their immune health is also protected.  Let’s go through a few of the happy cat health checks. Read more

Visit Your Local Vet Before Searching Google

Dog Confused

I know a great many of our clients visit the internet before and after visiting the clinic for a medical condition with their pets. I’m certainly not going to tell you on this blog not to do it. Heck, I even do it when I go to the doctor. That said, I do see a few pitfalls in surfing the web for pet medical advice that can possibly be avoided. That is what I will talk about today. Read more

Why You Need A Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid

Veterinarians are experts in dealing with pet emergency issues. However, most of us do not have the privilege of having them within our residence. For this reason, all pet owners ought to have a pet first aid kit. An emergency involving your pet can occur at any time. Such emergencies need immediate attention. A pet first aid kit helps to prevent severe damage. Read more