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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Clients will occasionally ask me about pet insurance. They also are generally eager to give me feedback on their insurance when they are enrolled. I would like to discuss if pet insurance is worth it and the guidelines in selecting a plan.

Not All Plans Are The Same

Multiple Kittens

In talking to clients, what is apparent is that most clients are happy with their insurance, but a few are not. The dissatisfied folks were expecting something different from what they ended up with.

My advice in searching is to look at multiple plans, their coverage, and deductibles before signing. What is right for one patient is not right for another. Look especially at the premiums and deductible lines. These sometimes will hold surprises that take a bit of digging to uncover.

See what the plan covers for chronic conditions as well. Try to figure out in advance how much out-of-pocket expense you can easily take before it “hurts”. That can factor in your decision on how to pick insurance in its various forms.

Consider Risk Factors

This varies widely.

If you have a dog that likes to eat socks, toys, and pantyhose, and has had surgery to retrieve objects out of his intestines. Insurance may be a very good idea.

If you have a sedentary indoor cat that is content to spend her life on top of the couch. Your risk for a major vet expense may be quite low and insurance may not be quite a priority.

Make an honest assessment of your situation and proceed from there. Your local vet will be happy to help you with such questions.

Your Pet’s Age

Old Dog

Not surprisingly, age will affect premiums and coverage. If your pet is struggling towards the end, then this sad reality may affect your decision regarding insurance.

However, if you have a relatively healthy geriatric pet with few problems. Then insurance can be an aid to defray the costs of preventative care. Early intervention therapies that can successfully extend her health even longer.

Out-Of-Pocket Issues

Dog in Cone

Realize that virtually all pet insurance does NOT work like human health insurance. Almost always, you have to pay the vet first for the entire bill and the insurance company reimburses you, minus any deductibles.

Many folks do not realize this at first and have an unpleasant surprise when a big vet bill hits them. This could change in the future but is not likely to near term. Be aware of this as you shop for insurance.

Health And Wellness Plans

Dog Veterinarian

While not technically “insurance”, many vet entities offer wellness plans that cover a range of routine annual care. With added discounts on any care the pet may require during the enrollment period. All About Pets offers a set of wellness plans that could be a suitable alternative or solution to regular insurance. Ask us for more details.


With a bit of research, you should be able to discover if pet insurance is right for you and if so, pick the plan best for you. Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding insurance or health plans.

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