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Cats vs. Dogs: Which One Is Right For You

Cats vs. Dogs

When thinking about getting a pet, you will wonder if you should get a cat or dog.  While there are many reasons to get them, finding the one that will fit your lifestyle will make both of your lives more enjoyable. This is a heavy question and will be debated for ages but there are a few advantages to both that can help make your decision. Continue reading »

10 DIY Dog Treats Your Pet Will Love

Homemade Dog Treats

Do you enjoy spoiling your pet?  Treats are a great way to show your pet just how much you care.  What says love more than making your pet’s treats from scratch.  Not only is it a fun way to interact with your furry friend but you know exactly what ingredients are in them.  Here is a variety of DIY dog treats that include wonderful ingredients like peanut butter, oats, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and cheese.  ENJOY! Continue reading »

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Pet Insurance

Clients will occasionally ask me about pet insurance. They also are generally eager to give me feedback on their insurance when they are enrolled. I would like to discuss if pet insurance is worth it and the guidelines in selecting a plan. Continue reading »

Is Grain Free Dog Food Right For Your Dog?

Recently, one of the most common questions I have been receiving from my clients, is if they should feed their dogs grain free foods.  Many clients are switching to these products on their own, frequently assuming that they will fix certain problems or that they will be inherently better based on advertisements published in the popular media. Continue reading »

The Benefits To Growing Up With Pets

Owning A Pet

Most of us grow up with pets just because we think they are cute and cuddly.  But there are actual healthy benefits to growing up with pets not only for adults but for kids as well.  The relationship that we build with our pets can help showcase love and improve self-esteem. Continue reading »

Visit The Dog Friendly Park Here In Utah County

Dog Friendly Park

I’m sure everyone is aware of the dog friendly park in Utah County that opened last year in Provo City.  It is located at 1440 South 1600 East attached to the already existing Bicentennial Park.  In the short year it has existed it has already been through quite the transformation. Continue reading »

18 Pet Questions Answered By Your Vet

Dog Nose

Everyone has questions about their pets. Now you can see the most asked pet questions answered by your veterinarian. Covering everything from pet exams, dogs scratching, cat drinking milk, and hip dysplasia.

Continue reading »

Why Pet Intestinal Parasite Prevention is Important

Pet Parasites

Most pet owners are aware that our furry friends have some potential risk for picking up “worms”. We also see a few people (rightly or wrongly) attribute certain illnesses in their pets to parasites. In reality, the number of cases of illness in the dogs and cats that we see is rather low. Continue reading »

The Most Misinterpreted Pet Symptoms

Dog Rolling

As a veterinarian, I am gratified to notice that our clients are very astute and are generally able to accurately tell us what is not right with their pet when they come in for a visit. In fact, we as veterinarians depend on this to do our very best diagnostic work. I think we are fortunate to have some of the smarter clients one could hope to serve. Continue reading »

Get Ready For Your New Puppy

Puppy Proof House

You are ready for a new puppy to add to your family. Having a new dog in the house can be a fun experience but puppies can be a handful with discipline and responsibilities. Your puppy’s health is important in their first stages of life. Having this new puppy checklist will help you get started with your new addition. Continue reading »