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Dogs For Apartment Living

Living in smaller quarters, like an apartment or condominium does not necessarily mean that you can only have a pet in a small cage or tank. There are many things to consider when choosing a dog to live in an apartment environment. Playtime, bathroom privileges, grooming and bathing, breed, size, and activities are all important to consider when adding a pooch to a confined living space.

Small or Large Dog Breeds

Small Dog Breed

Certain breeds seem like obvious chooses for apartment living. Smaller, compact, and less active dogs like shih tzus, pugs, french bulldogs, chihuahuas, cavalier king Charles spaniels, and Yorkshire terriers fit this category. Even that these breeds are less active and more of the cuddle types there is not lack of personality in these pooches. Some larger breeds that are also a good fit for apartments are great Danes, English mastiffs, and bulldogs. They will take up quite a bit of the already small space but their more docile personalities make them perfect for apartment life. If you aren’t looking for a purebred dog and want to adopt be sure to ask questions about your prospective new companion. Many rescue groups function with the help of foster homes and this can be vital in determining what type of living is best for this furry critter.

Activity Level

Dog Activity Level

No matter the size or breed of dog you choose activity is still needed for your dog to remain healthy. Walks are the best options, they can also serve multiple purposes. For instance, this can be used as potty time as well as helping you the owner stay in shape. Don’t forget the baggies. Dog parks are starting to pop up all over the place and are a good outlet for your apartment dweller to burn energy as well as socializing with others. Depending on the available space in the apartment fetch can be an option too, try not to hit walls to avoid problems with neighbors and choose softer toys and ball to avoid damage to walls. Puzzles can also be a good way to stimulate your dog’s mind in close quarters. Just remember a tired dog is a good dog.

House Training

Dog House Training

Your dog is going to have to do their business somewhere. Keeping your dog on a schedule is the best way to avoid accidents in the house. Be patient with puppies, it takes time to train their tiny bladders to your schedules. Adult dogs are much better at holding their bladders. Walks are the best way to keep your living space free of messes. There are also potty pads both cloth-like and those that mimic grass that can be placed in the apartment or on a balcony. Keeping your dog in a kennel or crate while out will help not only with accidents but senseless destruction.
With any new pet, it is important to get the essentials. A well-balanced dog food, bowls, toys, collar and leash, crate or kennel, and bed or blankets will give your new companion a place of their own within the apartment. Dogs do feel more secure and confident when they have their own territory.

Even that there are obstacles to owning a dog in an apartment it is definitely doable. Before getting a pet make sure you understand the rules and regulations your apartment complex has on animals, including size, deposits, and rent.

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