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The Benefits To Growing Up With Pets

Most of us grow up with pets just because we think they are cute and cuddly.  But there are actually health benefits to growing up with pets not only for adults but for kids as well.  The relationship that we build with our pets can help showcase love and improve self-esteem.

Pets Are Family

Leaning Disorder Service Dog

We treat our pets like they are our own family…which they are.  We would do almost anything for them. In return, they will care for you.  Whether it’s your dog greeting you at the door when you come home.  Or your cat cuddling on your lap after a long day at work.

Pets Lower Stress

Cat On Lap

Your pet will love the stress out of you.  Having a cat purr on your lap can be more helpful than squeezing stress balls. Or going outside with our dog will help clear your mind and not worry about the busy world around us.

Pet owners have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.  By having a more stress free life with our pet.  The more love we give them, the more we get back in return.

Pets Increase Exercise

Pet Helps Lose Weight

People that have pets seem to have a more active and healthy lifestyle.  This could be as simple as taking your dog for a walk, running in the park, or going for a hike.  Our pets will guilt us into taking them somewhere fun.



Having a dog can help protect you and your family.  A study has shown that one of the best security systems to have for your house is owning a dog.

This is not suggesting getting an attack dog.  It shows that having a dog will not only be intimidating but can alert you of any suspicious activity.

Pets Teach Responsibility

Girl Feeding Dog

Your pet can teach us to be responsible.  It is a lot of work owning a pet.  You need to feed them twice a day, clean up after them, play with them, and love them on a daily basis.

Giving these chores to children is a great way to show them how to set a routine of taking care of an animal.  Children as young as three years old can help feed and water your pet.  As they get older they can take the animal for a walk and clean up the yard.

Animals Help Socialize

Kid Reading To Dog

Animals can help socialize children that are shy.  All kids have a different way to start learning how to talk and structure sentences.  A pet is a simple way that children can use to practice talking.  It is a way for them to socialize with another person without the feeling of judgment.

Your Pet Can Help

Pet Companionship

There are cases where you may need more help from your pet than having someone to go running with.  Service dogs have been used for decades and are a valuable resource to many people.

Service dogs have been able to:

  • Bring medications
  • Remind owners to take medication
  • Call for help
  • Provide balance assistance
  • Navigation
  • Carry supplies

Our veterans have been owning pets to help combat their posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Having a pet around the house it will help them lift their moods and gives them a companion by their side.

Your Pet Needs You Too

Cat Love

Even with all the benefits you get with owning a pet, your pet needs you.  Your pet still needs love, attention, and support. For all the good things they do for us, we do the same for them.  We help them be more social, lower their stress, get them more exercise, and protect them.

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