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The Best Cat Care Tips For First Time Owners

Cat Checklist

Getting a cat for the first time shouldn’t be a stressful situation, you should be excited. By going through our cat care tips you will be confident on what to expect when those little paws come home. Continue reading »

What Can Dogs Eat And Not Eat

Human Food For Dogs

People are becoming more aware of what is in the foods that they eat and which foods have health benefits. It is just as important to know what you are feeding your pet. Continue reading »

Dog Sunburns Complete Guide: Everything You Should Know

Dog Sunburn

Can a dog get sunburned?

Yes! Just like you and I, dogs also do get sunburns. Dogs sunburn is a particularly common occurrence in dogs mainly in specific areas that have little or no fur like the belly, nose, around the ears, paws, and mouth. Continue reading »

What Does It Mean To Be AAHA Accredited?

AAHA Care Standards

Have you ever heard of a pet owner saying I need to take my pet to an AAHA accredited veterinarian? Yes? No?

What does it even mean in the first place and why is it that such a necessity to pet lovers? Continue reading »

How To Deal With Bad Dog Behavior

Dog Barking

Having a dog at home is the best feeling a person can have. They become a part of our lives and are attached more emotionally towards us. Keeping a dog as a pet even reduces the stress levels of a person. Continue reading »

Where To Adopt Your Next Pet In Utah

Pet Adoption

Adopting your next pet is a great experience. Not only are you giving a loving pet a good home but pets are a great way to make you a better person.  There are hundreds of pets waiting to be adopted in Utah Valley alone. Continue reading »

11 Dog Backyard Ideas For Your Furry Friend

Dog In Shade

When you have a medium to large breed dog you want them to enjoy being outside. Most breeds it’s in their instincts to explore and exercise.  Both of these activities are a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle. When leaving your dog outside here are a few ideas to make their experience most pleasurable. Continue reading »

Happy Cat Health Check

Cat Playing

A healthy cat is a happy cat.

Your cat’s health doesn’t just stop at their physical appearance and agility.  It’s also important to make sure they are being actively challenged to maintain their mental health.  Getting their regular checkups and vaccination can ensure that their immune health is also protected.  Let’s go through a few of the happy cat health checks. Continue reading »

The Beginner’s Guide To Hiking With Dogs

Hiking with Dogs

Taking your dog into the outdoors is good for both of you. It allows you to enjoy the fresh air, get exercise and bond with your pooch. As with any activity, there are things to consider when taking your dog outdoors. Continue reading »

If Dogs Were Superheroes

Superhero Dogs

There are almost as many dog breeds as there are superheroes. People often look to the sky for superheroes when they need help. But the same can be said for man’s best friends.  Dogs can help people if they are in danger, help stop criminals, or assist in daily activities.

What if dogs were superheroes? Continue reading »


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